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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Welcome to Camp McLoughlin Cub Scout Resident Camp! Crater Lake Council's premier Cub Scouting EXPERIENCE!
     Located at Lake of the Woods in Southern Oregon, Near Klamath Falls
          Directions: GOOGLE
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     Cub Scout Resident Camp is nonstop fun! This 4 day, 3 night camping experience is designed to let Cub Scouts enjoy the great outdoors with many of the comforts of home. Cub Scouts will do all kinds of fun activities that include marksmanship at BB and Archery Ranges, Aquatics, Boating and Fishing, Belt loop activities, campfire programs and sports! During your free time you may hike around camp and explore! The camp program is built around fun, age-appropriate activities that will satisfy various advancement requirements. In addition, boys gain immeasurable self confidence as they master new skills and meet new friends. The camp is accredited by the Boy Scouts of America.
     Cub Scout Resident Camp delivers the most for our Cub Scouts and we take pride in showing them a GREAT Time! Cubs will love the energetic and lively staff, the lake, the games and crafts and all the other features of this famous camp. Everyone eats together in the camp dining hall, and all participate in a three day program of Scouting fun and adventure.
     Trail to First Class (Scouts BSA for First Year Scouts) July 8-11 Mon - Thur
     Session 1: July 12th - 15th  Fri - Mon
     Session 2: July 19th - 22nd Fri - Mon 
     Session 3: July 26th - 29th  Fri - Mon 
     Session 4: August 2nd - 5th Fri - Mon
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