Order of the Arrow
National Honor Society
Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge #491

"The Land of Fire"

    Order of the Arrow is the National Honor Society of Boy Scouts of America and is organized as part of Crater Lake Council. Our Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge fulfills on the goals and mission to promote camping, open and close Boy and Cub Scout summer camps, providing service to the Council and community, and building leadership and opportunity to Arrowmen. Order of the Arrow was founded upon the ideals of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.

    Within our lodge, five chapters exist that align to districts in the council: Amangi Kuwe (Big Pines District), DaGelMa (Roaring Rogue), Hyas Lamonte (Fremont), Klamath and Mow-A-Toc. Each chapter is your local guide to the OA and has chapter meetings to help support the local opportunities for Arrowmen and support upcoming Lodge events

    If you are a member of the OA, remember to keep your dues current. To wear the Lodge flap, members must be current in their dues and is required to attend any Lodge event. We have the 2017 Lodge Membership Renewal Form available. You can now use your computer to fill out your information using Adobe Reader (or a similar program) before printing. Dues are $15 for 2017.

NEW: Pay online via credit card - Click Here

or checks can be made to "Crater Lake Council - OA" Envelopes can be addressed to:
Crater Lake Council – BSA
Attn: Lo La'Qam Geela Membership Renewal
3039 Hanley Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502


    The 2017 Annual Banquet and Fellowship is coming on November 3-5th at Camp McLoughlin which is the big event of the year where fun and fellowship occurs but as well the Lodge Officer elections.

Lodge Rules and Policies Document

The Lodge Executive Committee approved on September 14, 2014 a revised set of Lodge Rules and Policies and were ratified by Lodge membership on October 18, 2014. Please click on link to read the current Lodge Rules Policies document. Any questions can be submitted to Admin@OALodge491.org.

Lodge Rules and Policies Document


The latest Firebird has been mailed to dues paid members and is available here in electronic form. All comments can be submitted to Admin@OALodge491.org

Volume XXII, Issue 1 - 2017

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