Pre-Ordeal/Ordeal Resources



    If you were elected to join the ranks of the Order of the Arrow by your troop/team, congratulations! You have shown yourself to be a leader and have been given the chance to prove it. To join our prestigious ranks you must prove your devotion to our three high ideals of wimachtendienk, wingolauchsik, and withemui (brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service). To participate in an ordeal, you must be in either a Boy Scout troop or a Varsity Crew. You must also have obtained the rank of first class and have at least 15 days and nights of camping (Six days and five nights of this must be from a single, long-term trip).

    To assist in learning, the national OA as set up a website called JumpStart where you can learn about many important aspects of the Order of the Arrow. It is recommended that you visit the page before your Ordeal. You can also visit OA Basics or OA frequently asked questions on the national OA website to learn more.


    A Callout is an optional ceremony that is performed at events such as summer camps, camporees, or other local meetings. It is simply a way to show that you have been elected to The Order.

Your Ordeal

    The Ordeal is a weekend where you will go through a number of tests and trials with your peers to prove you are worthy of joining The Order. You will not only learn about yourself, but about what it means to provide cheerful service to others.

    Be prepared to sleep outdoors on Friday night and Saturday if you plan on staying until Sunday. You are required to stay until after the Saturday feast. Also be ready to work in any weather condition. Pack according to the forecast, but be prepared for unexpected weather too.

    You should arrive at the Ordeal site between 6:00 and 7:00 PM on Friday. Ensure that you either have dinner with you or have already eaten on the night of your arrival. It is not likely that a cracker barrel will be hosted Friday evening. You are required to stay until after the Saturday night feast, but may be picked up any time after the feast or the next morning. Ensure that you check-out before leaving.

Please ensure you bring the following objects with you:

  • A good groundcloth or tarp with rope
  • A sleeping bag suited to the weather
  • A strong water bottle
  • Work clothes
  • Work gloves
  • Your class-A uniform
  • The Ten Essentials

When signing up for your Ordeal, be sure to sign up as an Ordeal Candidate.
To register for an Ordeal, please visit our Ordeal Page.