Girls Camp

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Welcome to Camp Mcloughlin’s AnnualSummer Girls Camp! We invite all girls ages 8 -13 to come and experience the fun! This4 day camp is designed tobe a fun outdoor experience full of adventure and activities! Girls will enjoy Shooting BB-guns, Archery, Leatherworking andWoodworking. They will learn knife skills,knot tying and how to cook over an open fire.They will enjoy nature hikes and learn about the local plans and vegetation. AQUATICS! They will have a blast swimming and learning to swim, Boating and Canoeing! and they can even learn some lifesaving techniques.
The programincludes all meals, tents (bedding not included), materials and a knowledgeable program staff. Our helpful staff will take care of everything and you just enjoy the time with your daughter. Ourfacilities include a full service dining hall for all meals, showers, and a trading post for all your souvenir needs.
DATES: Summer 2019
Located at Lake of the Woods in Southern Oregon, Near Klamath Falls
Directions: GOOGLE
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