2017- 18 Council Calendar

2018- 19 Council Calendar 

2019- 20 Council Calendar

Council Calendar

Council Calendar

This calendar has been designed for the Scouting volunteer and is made availableto assistunit’s withannualprogram
planning. Aside from adult leaders receiving specific leader training, there is no single element of your unit’s
success more vital than carefully selecting, planning and scheduling your unit’s activities. The dates and events in
the Council Calendarare put together inMarch.These datesconsist of all ImportantCouncil events, trainings and
happenings as well as all important District events, trainings and happenings.

In addition to this Calendar please check the website for important updates on both Council and District Events.
Council Announcement are found on the Home Page. District Announcement are found on each District’s page of the Council
website under “Events & Announcements”. Test