The Lost Frontier CAMPORALL 2018

Date May 18, 19, 20th2018

Theme The Lost Frontier at New Frontier Ranch

The theme called ‘The Lost Frontier’ guides the program to represent the location 150 years ago in 1868. Each unit represents groups of pioneers on the Applegate Trail heading towards the Willamette Valley and are stopping at Pinehurst (the historic town next to New Frontier Ranch). The encampment will include a great weekend of activities to patrol competition to evening show.

Location New Frontier Ranch, Ashand, Oregon
16799 OR-66, Ashland, OR 97520

Who Crater Lake Council Camporall is for all registered Boy Scouts, Ventures, Explorers, Varsity Scouts, Crews and adult leaders. Webelos are welcome to camp as guests of a Troop while being in compliance with BSA guidelines.

Program The program for Camporall is across four areas where competition across patrols will take place:

  • Frontier activities will include obstacle course, rope bridge, archery, BB guns and field games.
  • Mountain Man activities will include crosscut saw, gold panning and fire building.
  • Ranching activities will include lassoing, branding, dutch ovens, candle making, pioneer era games and surveying.
  • American Indian Activities will include arrowhead making, rope making, fry bread, tomahawk and atlatl.

Fee The fee is $20 for each participant which include the Camporall patch and a great weekend of program and activities.

Registration To be part of Camporall you need to register by April 27th by submitting the registration form below. Shirt

Staffing If you would like to staff, click to fill out online registration formand if you should register with your unit for Camporall. If you are registered with the district or council, or your unit is not participating, then the fee will be collected at Camporall.

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