COVID Impact

Covid-19 Impact

Like all organizations and individuals, Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the Operations of the Crater Lake Council.  The council staff and volunteers have pivoted from working on getting our programs to camp, participating in the spring nut sale, and preparing for fun Cub Scout activities to working with the state to determine if we could open camp, communicating virtual and at-home activities, and working with leaders to Keep on Scouting in 2020.


Crater Lake Council Financial Impact

Covid-19 has impacted the finances of the Crater Lake Council with a loss of income from camp operations, the interruption of the Friends of Scouting campaign, and a much lower spring product sale.  The projected loss from not running camp comes to nearly $480,000.

The council staff and board started making plans to stabilize the operating budget by

  • Applying for and receiving a Payroll Protection Loan from the Small Business Administration.
  • Instituting a hiring freeze
  • Holding costs on other expenses
  • Identifying and applying for emergency operating grants

By clicking here you will find the council budget, where you see we still have a long way to go in meeting our Friends of Scouting and special event goals.  We know that some families will not be in a position this year to make their usual donation.  If you are in a position to make a donation, your support will be very much appreciated and will help in stabilizing the council.  Please DONATE HERE.

Finding unique ways to Keep on Scouting will be an important part of continuing to deliver the promise of Scouting to the youth of Southern and Central Oregon and Northern California as we move forward with planning our programming for 2020 and beyond. Look to your unit Commissioner and your District Executive for help with your program planning, making sure to stay up to date on all state and BSA regulations for meetings and outings. Use the Leader Resources pages to help with program planning.

The effort to Keep on Scouting in 2020

Along with making sure that the council remains financially stable, over the next three months, the council staff and volunteers are also focused on making sure we Keep on Scouting by:

  • Communicating with, and helping our programs plan for the fall.
  • Planning Scout BSA advancement and Merit Badge opportunities.
  • Planning Cub Scout outdoor experiences around the council for the summer and fall.
  • Creating and coaching units on plans to sell popcorn and recruit new Scouts, including altering initial plans as a result of social isolation rules.
  • When allowed, opening up our camps for unit usage.
  • Planning for Summer Camp 2021.

Working together to Keep on Scouting

There are multiple ways you can help the Crater Lake Council Keep on Scouting in 2020 including

  • Financial Assistance
    • Make a donation or an additional donation to the Crater Lake Council, if you are in a position financially.
    • Ask your friends or business associates to support the Crater Lake Council.
    • Work with your unit to reach it’s Friends of Scouting Goal.
    • Plan now for a successful fall popcorn sale.
    • If you know of organizations or grants that would support the mission of Scouting, let Kim DeBroux know.
  • Keep on Scouting this summer by having your Pack, Troop, Crew or Post safely meet and participate in outdoor activities.  
  • If you are a unit leader, work with your Unit Commissioner and District Executive to prepare to kick off the new Scouting year in the fall.  Your District Executive is prepared to help with these plans.

If you have families in need of financial assistance click here for information on ways we can help.