If you would like to donate to Crater Lake Council through gifts, please contact our Council Executive, James Westfall .

Crater Lake Council is always in need of volunteers to maintain facilities and to keep the council functioning. The cost of operating a year round camps and our offices can be very expensive. In-kind service donations help us keep the cost of our programs to a minimum.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following projects please contact the Council Service Center at 541-664-1444 to confirm that the project has not already been taken. We have created wish lists to help guide specific donations. Call if you have a suggestion for a maintenance or improvement project that you would like to volunteer for and we can let you know if it fits our property improvement plans. All project work is subject to the approval of the Camp Ranger and Property Committee.

Camp McLoughlin

1. Build at least ten picnic tables. (Materials per table: 15-2x6x8, 1# 3-1/2″ deck screws, 16-3/8×4″ galvanized bolts, 32-3/8″ galvanized flat washers, 16-3/8″ galvanized nuts).

2. Rebuild entrance steps to all Jr. Staff cabins. (Materials for each: 2-2x6x8, 1-2x12x8, 1/2# 3-1/2″ deck screws).

3. Jr. Staff Cabins.
a. Level all 9 cabins by resetting pier blocks and posts.
b. Build and install metal knee braces on all cabins. Should put at least 6 braces to each cabin.
c. Replace 9 wooden doors with metal doors.
d. Replace roofing on all cabins with metal (felt paper, metal roofing and screws). (Materials are currently available at camp).

4. Build bulletin boards for 2 campsites. (Materials for each: 2-10′ 4”-5″ diameter lodge poles, 1-5/8″-4’x4’ exterior plywood, mounting screws, sealant or stain for plywood).

Tools: 1-DeWalt 18 volt drill driver
1- DeWalt 18 volt 1/4″ impact driver
1-corded or DeWalt 18 volt hammer drill

Supplies: 3/4 minus rock
2”x 6”x 8 foot lumber for picnic tables (quantity 150)
3-1/2 inch torque bit deck screws (large quantity)

Equipment: Mini-truck (also called micro-truck) for in camp use.
28 inch chainsaw (Stihl or Husqvarna)

Mattresses- vinyl covered for Jr.staff cabins (quantity 18/call for size)