Weekend Camp Reservations

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Our Council owns 4 different camping properties that cover areas from Central Oregon to Northern California. Scout units and outside groups can reserve these facilities for hiking, camping and other activities.
*Camping and activities are allowed at our camps when a Short Term Property Reservation Form has been approvedand all rules and regulations of the BSA are met.
Camp Makualla
Camp McLoughlin
Camp McCaleb
Camp Riggs
For more information or questions about Crater Lake CouncilFacility Rentals please contact:
Jody Stonebrook(541)-664-1444 or email jody.stonebrook@scouting.org
– Campsites are reserved on a first come, first served bases.
– All units must satisfy BSA two deep leadership standards.
Boy Scouts Summer Camp is Held at Camp Makualla
Cub Scout Resident Camp is Held at Camp McLoughlin
Camp Makualla offers many High Adventure Experiences.