Camp Makualla Summer Camp

Due to the COVID-19 crisis this year, we’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel the 2020 camp season. We’re already working hard to perpare for 2021—we plan to have registration open in late summer 2020!   

Crater Lake Council is excited that your troop is considering Camp Makualla for your next Scouts BSA summer camp experience! Camp Makualla has a long Scouting tradition; founded in 1938, the camp is located in the Deschutes National Forest on beautiful Crescent Lake.

Camp Makualla features one of the largest BSA waterfronts in the Pacific Northwest. Our camp offers a variety of fun Scouting experiences, merit badges and outdoor programs. But for many older Scouts, the highlight is our High Adventure program, one of the best programs west of the Rocky Mountains! Keep reading to see just how amazing and fun attending Camp Makualla will be for you and your Scouts!

2021 Camp Dates Coming in August

Cost is $335 per Scout and $175 per adult

Register Online

All registration for 2021, including merit badge classes, will be online by late summer 2020.

Camp Makualla offers many unique adventures. For troops taking the train from out of state, depending on your train schedule we offer a shuttle service and a visit to Crater Lake National Park. Scouts and leaders can take advantage of our extensive high adventure program with canoeing, caving, mountain biking, and some of the most spectacular hikes in Oregon. And most weeks of the summer, your troop can have your own campfire in your campsite.

AMTRAK: Camp Makualla is pleased to offer group shuttle services to and from the Chemult, Oregon train station. Troops should reserve shuttle service prior to arrival. Please see leaders’ guide for more information on Amtrak services.
CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK is located just 60 miles directly south from Camp Makualla and is about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive. Many units opt to visit Crater Lake National Park on the way to or from camp. There’s a small fee associated with entering the park; please see for more info. Please see the National Parks Service website for more information on visiting Crater Lake. For troops taking the train south towards California, a trip to Crater Lake is included in your package. Please see the leaders’ guide for more information.

Here are just a few of the many programs Scouts and leaders can enjoy in camp!

THE ARROW is Camp Makualla’s newest adventure area! It features 5 ranges to test your skills: Target Archery, Sporting Arrows, 3-D Archery, Outback Excursion and Hawk & Knife Throwing. 
Sporting Arrows: Scouts shoot foam targets our of the air! (like shotgun shooting)3-D Archery: Scouts shoot at targets of various creatures and animals!Hawk & Knife Throwing Course: Over 10 targets and shapes, different angles and some targets are even moving!

WATERFRONT: Camp Makualla is on Crescent Lake, and has one of the largest and most beautiful waterfronts of any BSA camp. The lake is 5 miles long and 4 miles wide, with an average depth of 124 feet and a max depth of 265 feet. During summer the water generally ranges from 67-71 degrees. It’s incredibly clear, causing it to be turquoise in color, and it’s estimated you can see 60 feet below the water! 

We offer Swimming, Small Boat Sailing, Motorboating, Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking and Lifesaving merit badges, as well as Mile Swim, Scuba BSA, and Snorkeling BSA.

SHOOTING SPORTS:Our ranges are open during all program time so you can come and shoot whether or not you’re taking one of our epic shooting merit badges. Adults are always welcome to participate in our ranges! We offer Rifle and Shotgun merit badges as well as muzzle loaders for ages 14+.

Scouts can compete for a wide variety of awards at Camp Makualla’s ranges, including the NRA Winchester Award Program, the NRA-BSA Camp Postal award, and several of our own awards like the Dime Club.

Arrowhead is Camp Makualla’s very own honor camper program. The Arrowhead program takes Scouts and adults on a four-year journey, letting them earn a new level of recognition each summer they come back to camp. The four levels are Explorer, Hunter, Warrior, and Chief.

Camp Makualla is operated under Special Use Permit with the Deschutes National Forest.  Camp Makualla is an equal opportunity provider.