Registration and Check-In

Welcome to Camp Makualla! We’re excited to see your troop this summer. To get started signing up, reserve your troop’s campsite here.

Camp Fees

  • Scouts (from any council):
    • By May 1st: $335
    • After May 1st: $345
  • Adult leaders:
    • Whole week: $175
    • Guest meals: $8
    • Adult day fees: $25 a day

One free adult for every 8 Scouts (no limit).

Merit Badge Program Fees

● Motor Boating MB $20
● Rifle ammunition $1 for 10 shots
● Shotgun ammunition $2 for 5 shots
● Some other merit badges require the purchase of kits from the Trading Post with various options and prices.

High Adventure/Other Fees

  • Ultimate Adventure $200
  • A la carte high adventure:
    • Whitewater rafting $80
    • Smith Rock climbing $80
    • Spelunking $75
    • Mountain biking $35
    • Diamond Peak hike $10
  • Scuba BSA $135, not part of Ultimate Adventure

Registration Process

  1. Register for camp! Register here by paying a $350 deposit for your campsite.
  2. Pay 50% of youth fees by March 15 and the balance within 3 weeks of your camp start date.
  3. Make changes as needed to your reservation online; please refer to the confirmation email for your reservation number. If a Scout is unable to come, leaders are encouraged to find a replacement Scout. Refunds can only be issued following our policy below.
  4. Arrive at camp with all the required forms and paperwork. The camp staff will update schedules and settle any remaining balances at this time.


Planning and purchasing for camp happens long before camp begins. Consequently, refunds are made on a staggered schedule. A portion of Scouts’ fees can be refunded up until 2 weeks before camp; after that we’re only able to offer refunds under extreme circumstances.


Camp Makualla’s campsites are large with multiple fire rings. Smaller units often share sites. Campsite sizes range from 9 to 26 canvas wall tents. We assign campsites assuming each tent holds two people. We also have portable dome tents available if a unit is too large for a campsite.

Units may bring their own tents if they want to spread out more or are bringing more people than a site holds. Cots and mats may be available at camp. Reach out to to talk about this option.

All campsites have tents, platforms, a wash basin with running water, and a flagpole. There is no electricity in the campsites. Your unit may want to bring an American or unit flag to use in your campsite. Fire safety tools and information boards are also provided at each site. Your unit will be held responsible for the care of all equipment and may be billed for any damage occurring during your stay. Showers are located at our two shower houses.

Your unit will want to keep its troop gear to one vehicle since only one vehicle will be allowed to the campsite to unload.

Our Campsites & Capacities

  • Mazama 50
  • Miller 40
  • Chinquapin 12
  • Lodgepole 20
  • Captain Jack 30
  • Modoc 14
  • Pleiades 22
  • Manzanita 14
  • Pipsessewa 16
  • Snowater 30
  • Ponderosa 26

Provisional Campers

Want to experience the adventure of Camp Makualla, but your troop isn’t coming this year? Or maybe you’re already signed up and want a second week? Attend as a provisional camper!

Provisional campers are placed with a pre-approved Scout unit to ensure they have the best possible experience while at camp. This unit will take the Scout on as a member of their unit and place them in a patrol. All weeks of camp are open to provisional Scouts!

Provisional campers can sign up online.


Camperships for youth are available to Crater Lake Council Scouts. Scouts in need may apply for financial assistance (partial fees may be awarded up to 50%) by submitting an Opportunity Fund Application (available spring 2020).

Special Needs

If a Scout or adult needs some extra help to enjoy the camp experience, just have them fill out this form by June 1st. Camp is not able to accommodate all possible special needs, but the staff will work diligently to make arrangements where possible.

Medical Forms

A current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, with Parts A, B, and C completed within the past 12 calendar months, is required for everyone spending the night at camp–even if they’re only staying one night. Health history and a physical examination are required for this form. We hold campers’ medical information to the highest standard of privacy and will only share it with staff or medical personnel when needed to keep campers safe or to respond to an emergency. Forms are kept in the Health Lodge and will be returned when you leave camp.

Any camper, youth or adult, who does not submit a current and completed BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with Parts A, B, and C will be required to leave within 24 hours, and unfortunately we will not be able to refund their fees in this case.