July 10th Work Day at Camp Makualla

Some changes are coming to the dining hall at Camp Makualla!

The OA Lodge is having a work day at camp on July 10, 2021. Contact the Lodge to find out more.

We will be feeding lunch to all that show up. If you plan to join us please let us know so we have enough food. The projects for that day will be:

  1. Going thru all the program equipment and loading what is usable into a trailer to go to Central Point.
  2. Cleaning the dining hall from top to bottom. Inventorying utensils, cooking equipment, and all the things in the storage area.
  3. The Climbing tower is now on the ground, so we can use the help of some units that come camp and help disassemble it.
  4. We can also use help cleaning up campsites and installing the new wash stations.

You can contact me about helping out at ode.daniel@gmail.com or 715 412-1337.

Thank you,

Daniel Ode Ranger Camp Makualla BSA