BEASCOUT online applications

Update your Units BE A Scout Information. 

Your BE A Scout Pin is how the public is going to find your unit online and is a backbone to digital Scouting marketing. Learn more.

Set up permissions to take action on leads.

The Unit Key-3 has automatic access to follow up on leads and approve applications.  The Unit Key-3 can add a volunteer to have read access to monitor and follow up their leads and applications in my.scouting.  

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Follow up on Leads

Invitation Manager

Parents will let you know that they are interested in joining your Pack, Troop, and Crew.  Follow up within 24 hours will increase the chance the families will join.  You can send an online application from invitation manger.   Learn More


Approve Applications

Application Manager

Parents can sign up for your  Pack, Troop, and Crew online.  Follow up within 24 hours is important so they feel welcomed to your program. 

How to process Youth Applications

How to process Adult Applications


Promote your program

Your Pack, Troop, or Crew has a link and a QR code you can use to promote your program digitally and at community events.  This link will send an interested parent directly to your information