Your unit can sell online popcorn Year Round.  Show and Sells begin on September 26th.

Popcorn Manual

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Why Do Scout Units Sell Popcorn?

  • Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way.”
  • Product sales revenue supports the unit program.
  • Provides funds for activities and advancement, lowers the cost of camps, district activities, and prices at the Scout shop.
  • Increase your unit and council income – up to 35% stays with the local unit.
  • Scouts use the funds for various Scouting programs, fees and activities.
  • There are loads of incentives to motivate Scouts.

Important Popcorn Dates

Popcorn Preview Recording                                    (Product Mix, Tips for Success) 

Trails End Training Webinars

Each Unit should have a Popcorn Kernel.

July 30       Wild Rivers Popcorn Training

Aug. 11       Klamath Falls and Pacific Rivers                                 District Popcorn Training

Aug. 17       Council Popcorn Kickoff (if you can’t                        make your district’s join us via zoom)

Aug. 20       Fremont District Popcorn Training

Sept. 4        Unit Popcorn Orders due

Sept. 26      Product Sales Begin – Unit Popcorn                           Order Pick-up at District Location

Oct. 10        2nd Popcorn Order due

Oct. 31        Pick up 2nd popcorn order

Nov. 15       Unit Show and Sell Final Returns &                            Take Orders due

Dec. 5         Unit Take-Order Product Pick-up at                            District Location

Dec. 11       Show and Sell Payments Due

Dec. 18       Final Popcorn Payments Due to                                Council Offices by 5 PM

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Popcorn Preview Zoom Meeting Recording

Popcorn Preview Slides

Contact Kim DeBroux

with any questions about Popcorn

(541) 727-6667


Share ideas and challenges on the

Council Popcorn Facebook Page

Popcorn Sale

  • Nearly 73% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting.

  • Units earn up to a 35% commission on Trails End products they sell.

  • The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout to support his or her way through the various activities during the year.

Our primary concern is to keep Scouts safe while still doing all the fun things we love to do. 

This year we suggest starting Online Sales now.  Online orders are sent directly to your customers with a $7.99 delivery fee for the first item and $.99 for each additional item.  There will even be some weekends with No Delivery fee.

Popcorn season is year-round, with in-person sales starting September 26th

Right now you can:

  • Put up door hangers in your neighborhood with your photo and Trails-End website listed for online orders. 

  • Promote your website on social media

  • Make calls to your friends and relatives

  • Send emails or make calls to businesses to purchase for their break room or gifts   

 8 Steps for Popcorn Selling Success

  1. Watch the Popcorn Preview  zoom meeting recording

  2. Sign up your unit to sell by July 1 so your Scouts can begin online sales.

  3. Select a unit Popcorn Kernel by July 1

  4. Create a unit budget

  5. Have a unit popcorn goal

  6. Each Scout sets individual selling goals

  7. Attend your District Popcorn Training
  8. Have an exciting unit Popcorn Kickoff

Popcorn Training Videos



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