OA Leadership Elections & Awards!

Congratulations are in order  for Lo La’Qam Geela’s newly elected officers and recognized individuals!

Newly Elected OA Leadership

Lodge Chief: Thackery Moreland

Vice Chief Membership: Max Blankenship

Treasurer: Harper Herzog

Vice Chief Activities: Jackson Zagone

Incoming Lodge Adviser: Seth Roy

Awards and Recognition

Arrow of Honor: Thackery Moreland and Dan Ode

Keeper of the Flame: James Paul Verheyden, Eric Verheyden, Thackery Moreland, Michelle Stockton, Ken Goswick

James E. West Award: Daniel Stockton

Founders Award: Daniel Stockton and Mark Lillich

Recognition of Cheerful Service: Harper Herzog and Suzie Smelser

Congratulations to the first of many female Arrowmen inducted into the Lodge this year:

Nadia Zawinsky, Lillian Mc Allister, Chyna Crossett, and Payshens Cichy

Congratulations to Daniel Stockton, Dirk Smelser, and Dr. James Verheyden for pending Vigil.

Hyas Lamonte had a great in person event with the Chapter event, viewing party, and banquet.

We also had a very successful live online auction for the Lodge.

I look forward to 2021!

James Richard Verheyden MD |  Lodge Adviser


Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge