Lo La’Qam Geela’s Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is an event that is specifically focused on instructing our current and future leaders. We host nationally-trained OA members that do an excellent job of teaching how to become a stronger OA leader.

    LLD is host to a specialized method of training OA leadership. To qualify as a “leader,” any potential attendees should currently be a lodge/chapter officer or in training to become a leader.

    Trainees should obtain both chapter and lodge approval before registering. For chapter approval, talk to your Chapter Chief; for lodge approval, talk to our Lodge Chief. Contact information can be found on our LEC Page.

    The specific dates and location of our LLD can be found on our Calendar Page. Please plan on arriving by the set time on Friday. We will be hosting training sessions Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Everyone who wishes to attend must register. Make sure you can provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Chapter (Amangi Kuwe, DaGelMa, Hyas Lamonte, Klamath, Mow-a-toc or Siskiyou)
  • Unit Number (Ex: Troop 9)
  • Lodge/Chapter Position (Ex: Chapter Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Lodge Treasurer, Elangomat, etc.)
  • Honor (Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil)
  • Any relevant allergies (Ex: Insect stings, peanuts, latex, etc.)
  • Any other specific needs that must be accommodated (Ex: Vegetarian, disability, etc.)

All of the specific dates and locations of our events can be found on our Calendar Page.