Lodge History

The Order of the Arrow was originally designed as an Honor Camper Society for just one camp and as it spread, it replaced scores of similar organizations serving local council camps.

Mazama Flap

The Mazama Lodge held its first Ordeal in the summer of 1948 at Camp McLoughlin on the shores of Lake of the Woods near Mt. McLoughlin. In the following year in August 1949, they were granted their charter with 42 members, electing as Lodge Chief, George Goodman. The Council Executive, Cliff Hanson, of the Crater Lake Council helped organize Mazama Lodge. Mazama, named after the mountain that erupted and created Crater Lake, was the namesake of the Council. The Thunderbird was chosen as Lodge totem as it has been a legendary, mythical inhabitant of Crater Lake.

Modoc Flap

Makualla Lodge 437
1948-1994 (charter 1950)

In 1948 a group of dedicated Scouters started a Lodge in the Modoc Area Council. Makualla meaning “the time and place of testing,” was chosen as its name and the Antelope became its totem. Chartered in 1950, Makualla was the first lodge to host our Section Conclave in 1952.

Lo La Flap

Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge 491
1994 – present

In 1994 Mazama and Makualla merged to form Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge. Lo La’Qam Geela means “Land of the Fire.” The lodge chose a new totem, the Firebird. Lo La’Qam Geela hosted its first Conclave at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls. The theme was, “Spirit of the Flame Uniting Our Fires.”


Lodge Chief


2019 Dirk Smelser Mark Smith
2018 James Verheyden Mark Smith
2017 Conley Thom Mark Smith
2016 Conley Thom Mark Smith
2015 Ethan Smith Mark Smith
2014 Kyle Williams Mark Smith
2013 Joe Collins Tom Brownell
2012 Mike Goswick / Adam Taylor Tom Brownell
2011 Joe Collins Tom Brownell
2010 Jacob Mastel Lynda Churchill
2009 Joshua Kupelian Lynda Churchill
2008 Chris Cooley Mark Lillich
2007 Sean Dow Mark Lillich
2006 Evan Gross Otis Blankenship, III
2005 Greg Bennett David Schweitzer
2004 Evan Gross David Schweitzer
2003 Tom Brownell David Schweitzer
2002 Dane T. Adams Shane Doran
2001 Andrew Hyde Alan J. Burgess/Shane Doran
2000 Andrew Hyde Alan J. Burgess
1999 Bo Lillich Mark Lillich
1998 Ross O’Connell Mark Lillich
1997 Matt Browning Mike Bliss
1996 Kenny Johnson Mike Bliss
1995 Chad Olney Mike Bliss
1994 Geoff Judd Mike Bliss