The next step in the OA

If you have been an Ordeal member for at least 10 months, you have the opportunity to take the next step and seal your membership on the Order of the Arrow. You can earn Brotherhood at many different opportunities throughout the year. Although the lodge strongly encourages you to complete Brotherhood, make sure you are ready before you undertake the challenge. If you feel that you want to earn Brotherhood, you can either talk with someone in your chapter during a meeting or message our Chief of Ceremonies to find out when the next opportunity is coming up.

Earning Brotherhood

Earning Brotherhood is a fairly straight-forward process. The price to
go through brotherhood conversion is quite low, simply to cover the cost of
your new sash. The other requirements are:

  • Be an Ordeal member for 10+ months
  • Have current BSA and OA dues
  • Memorize the signs of OA membership:
    • The Obligation
    • The OA Song
    • The Admonition
    • The Sign of Ordeal Membership
    • The OA Handclasp
  • Advance your understanding of the Ordeal
    • Learn the four principal characters in the Ordeal ceremony
    • Know the four tests of the Ordeal
  • Write a letter to the Lodge Secretary including:
    • What the Obligation means to you
    • How you are living the Obligation in your troop
    • How you have used your understanding to help you
    • Describe your plans for service to the Lodge or Chapter in the future

Once you have spent two years as Brotherhood, you are eligible to be nominated for the Vigil Honor.