The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the OA can bestow upon its members. If it is given to somebody, it is done so because of the great level of service and dedication made to some aspect or many aspects of BSA. The wearers of this sash those who have gone above and beyond what was expected and have proven that they live their lives based on the ideals of The Order.

Nomination Process

An individual cannot simply earn this honor; it must be given to them. Any member is eligible to be nominated as long as they have been a Brotherhood member for at least two years. Only one out of every 50 registered lodge members can be chosen per year. When a nomination is turned in, it is reviewed by the Lo La’Qam Geela Vigil Selection Committee. Those select few that are chosen by our committee and then approved by the national OA committee will be given the opportunity to participate in an ordeal that taxes not only the body, but the mind as well.

If you want to nominate someone to undergo the Vigil Ordeal, you should request a Vigil nomination form email address.

Vigil Inductions for 2016

We held Vigil inductions at Camp Makualla for Kevin Padrick, Angela Perry, Seth Roy and Donald Spriggle and at Camp McLoughlin for Kyle Williams. We are holding a Vigil induction for Kelly Joyce at Camp Riggs on Sept. 30th.