Re Opening Unit Meetings in California

Reopening Guidelines

Updated November 19th, 2020

Please review the California State Protocols and Guidelines regarding state and county statuses before holding a meeting, event, or camping event.

California Units
Scouting programs may meet in stable cohorts of no more than 16. 
A Cohort is a small group of around 10 people that must participate in all Scouting activities together. For example, it could be a patrol of up to 10 Scouts plus 2-3 leaders, It could be a den of similar size. An example of a cohort is a couple of families that choose to Scout together. A troop or pack with a meeting space large enough could have 3-5 cohorts (depending on the phase), but these cohorts must act independently.
In the event of an exposure, we can identify those that are potentially exposed and we limit the number of people affected.
  • The maximum cohort size applies to all children and youth in the cohort, even when all children are not participating at the same time. For example:
    • A cohort may not include 6 children or youth who attend a meeting/event full‐time, 6 children on Mon/Wed/Fri, and 6 children on Tue/Thu (total of 18).  
    • A cohort may not include 8 children or youth who attend an event for an entire day, 4 who attend mornings only, and 4 who attend afternoons only (total of 16).  
  • Cohort Mixing is Not Allowed
    • Prevent interactions between cohorts, including interactions between staff assigned to different cohorts.
      • Assign children and youth who live together or carpool together to the same cohort, if possible.
      • Avoid moving children and youth from one cohort to another, unless needed for a child’s overall safety and wellness.
      • Cohorts must be kept separate from one another for special activities such as art, music, and exercise. Stagger playground time and other activities so that no two cohorts are in the same place at the same time. 


Before holding a meeting, event, or camping event, Scout units must review and adhere to the Restart Scouting Checklist

Scouting events must have a safety officer present to ask the screening questions for attendees to an event.

  • Scout units should assign an adult safety coordinator that is responsible for the following items.  Scout BSA, Exploring, and Venture units can assign a youth member to work in coordination with that adult leader
    • Collection of rosters
    • Planning of carpooling and making sure carpooling groups remain stable
    • Planning of Parties that will remain together throughout the event and six-foot separate from all other parties.
      • If parties, break down social separation making note of that event.
    • Following up with all Scouts involved after the event to make note of anyone that shows signs of Covid-19

When following these three protocols, you will be able to meet safely and offer Scouting to your youth in person. Remember to wear masks, keep 6 feet apart, wash hands, and have an Event Safety Coordinator.

State of California Social Distancing Guidelines