Re-Opening Unit Meetings in Oregon

How to Mitigate Risk & Be Responsible Scouts

Units can meet as long as they meet follow the rules below.  Outdoor meetings are highly encouraged.  Currently camping as a Scout Unit is not allowed. 

While we are all anxious and excited to re-start Scouting as we know it, we must take specific precautions to mitigate risk. Below are recommended procedures as of May 15th, 2020 for conducting unit meetings and activities. These have been reviewed by the Crater Lake Council.  These recommendations are subject to change.

Note: These recommendations should mitigate most risk but not all. Participants need to be aware that any activity puts them at some risk of exposure. Remember: exposure to coronavirus could be asymptomatic. If a person becomes infected, they may become asymptomatic carriers. They would then most likely infect other people unwillingly.

Some charter partners are not opening up their buildings for meetings.  Please respect their wishes.  If you need help finding a place to meet, please reach to your Commissioner or Scouting Professional.

1. Those at significant risk for infection should consult a physician prior to participation in any group activities.

2. All participants should review their current health prior to participation of any activity. Only those feeling well should participate. Whenever possible, temperature checks of Scouts and leaders should be made prior to participation.

3. All units should produce a detailed roster of participants for all meetings and activities so they are prepared in the event that contact tracing is required.

4. All those who have been exposed to Coronavirus must quarantine for 14 days prior to participation in any Scouting activity.

5. Groups must always maintain social distancing of six or more feet.

6. Group size is limited to 25.  

7. Transportation to and from activities should be made within family units. No carpooling should be allowed.

8. When practical each Scout and adult should wear a cloth mask.

9. Handwashing and sanitation of shared supplies must be done between use.

10 Currently camping is not allowed in Oregon.  When camping opens up these are the rules that will need to be followed:

Sleeping should be limited to one person per tent, unless they are family. Here is a reminder about Youth Protection rules around this:

11. Families/siblings do not need to maintain social distancing for transportation, sleeping, or meeting.

12. Hikes, bike rides and other follow the leader activities, 6 ft distancing should be maintained.

13. If your county’s status is shelter-in-place, you may not move to an open county to conduct unit activities.

14.  Carpooling is not allowed.  Only a family unit is allowed in a vehicle