High Adventure

High Adventure
at Camp Makualla offers a variety of programs and adventures for youth and leaders. Many of these activities are done outside of camp. Our high adventure staff takes pride in providing each participant a mountain-top Scouting experience during these amazing adventures. All High Adventure programs are open to youth and adults, and you can sign up for any activity “a la carte” (space permitting) or join our Ultimate Adventure to get them all. The best way to sign up is online before camp. If space is available, you can also sign up during Sunday’s 4:00pm unit leader & Senior Patrol Leader meeting or through our High Adventure Director. Registrations are not accepted after Monday at 1:30pm.

Have you been to summer camp a few times and earned most of the merit badges? Are you ready to test your limits, explore a new part of Central Oregon every day, and have tons of fun? Are you ready to experience summer camp like you never imagined? Then Camp Makualla’s Ultimate Adventure program is right for you.

Ultimate Adventure is our week-long high adventure program for older Scouts (14+) and Venturers who are ready to move beyond merit badges at summer camp. Participants experience one of the adventures below every day, returning to camp before dinner and evening programs.

Diamond Peak hike: See description below—you won’t want to miss this stunning hike
Simax Beach overnighter: Just for Ultimate Adventure participants—kick off the week with an overnight canoe trip across Crescent Lake!
Spelunking (caving): Explore deep & dark natural caves
Mountain biking: Extreme mountain biking adventure
Rock climbing at Smith Rock: Smith Rock climbing with Misery Ridge hike
Whitewater rafting: An epic journey on the Deschutes River plus Paulina Creek Slides
(Descriptions of activities below or in Leaders’ Guide)
The cost to participate in Ultimate Adventure is $200 (a $280 value!) Because each of the programs has a max capacity, Ultimate Adventure is also the best way to guarantee a spot in all of them. Sign up for Ultimate Adventure (or any high adventure activities a la carte) online with your unit’s registration. All adventures are open to youth and adults.

The Simax Beach overnight canoe trip
has been a staple activity of Camp Makualla for over 50 years! Units or patrols leave in the evening on a 1-hour canoe trip across Crescent Lake, where they camp for the night. Because of high waves in the evening, this is absolutely a high adventure activity. Staff drops your gear off at your campsite in the evening and Scouts canoe their gear back across the lake in the morning before breakfast. It’s a blast and all Scouts can participate! Your unit or patrol can sign up with the Waterfront staff upon arriving at camp. Ultimate Adventure participants will do this on Monday evening!

Camp Makualla is surrounded by vast forests, stunning alpine lakes, and epic mountain peaks. It’s the perfect place to take a day for a troop hike. One of our most popular is Cowhorn Mountain (pictured above). A staple of Camp Makualla, this hike is 12 miles round trip and reaches an elevation of 7,664 feet. The hike is medium difficulty and most Scouts can handle it fine.

If your troop doesn’t have its own transportation, you can sign up to join our staff-led Diamond Peak hike for a small fee (see below).

Fawn Lake is an 8 mile round trip hike. It is fairly easy, gently sloping through trees until you reach the lake.

Diamond Peak takes Scouts to the summit of the imposing mountain peak that can be seen across Crescent Lake from Camp Makualla’s Waterfront. The hike is about 13 miles round-trip, with 3,200 feet of elevation gain, so participants will want to be in good physical shape for this one. Expect it to take 6 to 8 hours. Along the way you’ll hike through majestic lodgepole pines and Douglas-firs, scramble over ancient lava rock, and catch incredible views of Summit Lake and Mt. Thielsen. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with views of major Cascades peaks like Broken Top, the Sisters, Three Fingered Jack, and Mount Hood.

Ultimate Adventure includes this hike. Scouts and adults can also join a la carte for $10.


Central Oregon is home to many historic caves. Explore these deep and dark caves with our High Adventure staff. Depending on the speed of the group you will explore 2-3 caves. We’ll provide a helmet and head lamp. This high adventure is part of Camp Makualla’s Ultimate Adventure program. For Scouts who wish to participate a la carte, the cost is $75 (while space allows).
Mountain Biking

Central Oregon is widely considered to be one of the capitals of mountain biking in the United States. You’ll find an estimated 1100 miles of legally-sanctioned trails. We’re not talking about dirt roads that cars drive on; we’re talking hundreds of miles of single track specifically designed for mountain bike enthusiasts! Our High Adventure staff are excited to offer this amazing adventure. For those not in Ultimate Adventure, the a la carte price to participate is $35.

This commercially-guided run takes Scouts on a 1-hour trip down the Deschutes River’s Big Eddy run, where they experience a 3 mile stretch of class 1 & 2 rapids and a ¼ mile stretch of continuous class 2 & 3+ rapids! This adventure is perfect first timers and experienced adventurers alike.

On the way back from whitewater, Scouts stop for an easy ½ mile hike to the Paulina Creek Slides! Scouts will view multiple waterfall and enjoy 2 safe natural waterslides that are a BLAST! The a la carte price for those not in the Ultimate Adventure program is $80.

Smith Rock Climbing This is where it all began! Smith Rock State Park is widely considered the birthplace of modern American sport rock climbing with literally thousands of established routes including Monkey Face, Mesa Verde Wall, Dihedrals, and others. The area provides a variety of challenges for all skill levels. Our climbing instructors choose routes specifically tailored to the skill level of Scouts in attendance. This epic trip concludes the Ultimate Adventure program on Friday. For Scouts who wish to sign up a la carte, the cost is $80.

In addition to climbing, Scouts will hike Misery Ridge to the top of Smith Rock. This Hike is 3 miles round trip and is one of the most popular hiking trails in Oregon. From the top the vista is AMAZING! Bring your camera and get great pictures of multiple white-capped volcanoes including Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters, Mount Bachelor and more! The area is 651 acres on the Oregon high desert plateau, which means the scenery is completely different than what you find around Camp Makualla.

Camp Makualla offers many in-camp high adventures. These activities are operated during open program time and are available to all scouts and adult leaders.

  .22 HANDGUNS – Available during all open program time at the .22 rifle range (Venturers only) MUZZLE LOADERS – Available during all open program time at the .22 rifle range
  SPORTING ARROWS – Scouts shoot foam targets out of the air (like shotgun shooting) 3-D ARCHERY – Scouts shoot at targets of various creatures and animals!