Using Black Pug

Setting up your account

Registering For Events

When you register for an event, you may notice that it first asks you for a Registration Contact. 

This person is in charge of, or responsible for, that registration. Usually a parent or Unit Leader serves as the Registration Contact, even if they are not necessarily attending the event.

Adding attendee information comes next, and these are all the people attending the event.

Registration Contact info is sometimes pre-filled for an adult slot since, most of the time, they are also attending the event.

Some Registration Contact information is applied to all the attendees, like unit type and number, even though you may not see it. For example, if you choose Troop 489 on the Registration Contact info page, that applies to everyone on the registration unless asked specifically on an attendee. This is so you don’t have to choose the unit type and number for each Scout.

Using the Parent Portal

Managing and Using Your Unit Account