Eagle and Alumni

Whether you are active in a Scout unit, looking to reconnect with the Scouting community or join us for a networking event, Eagle Scout and alumni gatherings and programs provide engagement opportunities for Eagle Scouts and alums from all walks of life.  Please join us to share great Scouting stories, reconnect with old friends, and find ways you can help Scouting today


Be a Grit Builder - Help Scouting Today

There are many ways you can help the Scouts of today and the Scouts of tomorrow develop grit and become the future leaders of our communities.  We have volunteer opportunities from a couple of hours a week to a couple of hours a year.  You could volunteer to work directly with Scouts or mentoring leaders, make a financial donation, connect Scouting to the community, or help at home in your pajamas.

Stay Connected with Scouting

Stay connected with Scouting by making sure we have your contact information in our Alumni Data Base.  Also make sure to follow us on Facebook