Cub Scout Resident Camp

Summer Fun in Our Neck of the Woods!

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Cub Scouts are always excited for the biggest highlight of the warmer season: summer camp at Camp McLoughlin! The campgrounds are one of Scouting’s favorite haunts in the entire program, and where Scouts learn skills and have fun out in the woods with their friends.

Each year, our summer resident camp will have a unique theme that makes it a different adventure every time a Cub Scout attends! While the overall theme will change, we will still provide core elements of the camping experience that you can only find at a Scout camp.

The Fun of Resident Camp

Nature, shooting sports, Scoutcraft, waterfront fun, and more! The essential elements that make summer resident camp fun for Cub Scouts are founded in what makes Scouting great for our youth.

Shooting Sports on the Range

Shooting sports are one of the highlights of summer camp for Cub Scouts! Under proper supervision, your Scouts will be able to try their hand at a variety of different sports on our range.

Waterfront Fun

With access to the shores of Lake of the Woods, our summer resident camp is where Cub Scouts can make a splash and cool off in the summer heat! All swim activities are supervised by aquatics staff that are trained in Aquatics Safety by an Aquatics Director to ensure that our Cub Scouts are able to have fun in a safe environment.

Hikes into Nature

Camp McLoughlin has access to several hiking trails that connect Cub Scouts to the local wilderness of the Fremont-Winema National Forest. 

Scoutcraft & Handicraft Fun

From knot-tying to whittling, Scoutcraft is all of the skills which Scouts learn as part of their Scouting adventure. Summer camp is where Cub Scouts will learn about using knives, axes, and other tools safely around themselves and others. Handicraft gives them the chance to bring home a keepsake of their time at camp in woodworking and leatherworking projects.

Summer Camp Sessions for 2023

Check Out The 2023 Sample Camp Schedule by Clicking the Link Below or Scanning the QR Code here:

Cub Adventure Camp: for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scouts

We are off to explore the final frontier: space! Cub Scouts will get to experience an out-of-this-world adventure at Camp McLoughlin during our Journey to the Moon Adventure Camp! Just like it takes three days for astronauts to reach the moon, it will take Cub Scouts three whole days to get in as much fun as possible out at Lake of the Woods. We’re emphasizing the fun of camp this upcoming season as we learn about Scouts that became part of the astronaut program.

Session #1

July 6th – July 9th

Session #2

July 13th – July 16th

Outback Adventure Camp: for Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts

Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts will be able to get a taste of what to expect in the Scouts BSA program at our Outback Adventure camp this season!

Session #1

July 17th – July 21st

Cub Adventure Camp Prices

  • Cub Scout Participant $221

    Pricing is for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scouts.

  • Den Chief $167
  • Adult Participant $167

    *Includes parents, Cub Scout leaders, or other registered adults.

Outback Adventure Camp Prices

  • Webelos and/or AOL Scout Participant $294

    Only Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts are allowed to attend the Outback Adventure Camp.

  • Den Chief $222
  • Adult Participant $222

    *Includes parents, Cub Scout leaders, or other registered adults.

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Documents & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Only youth that are entering the Tiger Cub Scout (First Grade), Wolf Cub Scout (Second Grade), Bear Cub Scout (Third Grade), or Webelos Scout (Fourth/Fifth Grade) programs during the time of camp sessions are permitted to attend summer camp.

Youth that are entering the Lion Cub Scout Program (Kindergarten Grade) at time of camp sessions are not permitted to attend summer camp.

We’re excited to see you join Scouting! You’re gonna have a lot of fun at summer camp.

You will select the Cub Scout program that correlates with the grade your child will enter at the start of the school year AFTER summer camp has finished. Here is a helpful guide to help you select the right program year:

Tigersentering 1st grade

Wolvesentering 2nd grade

Bearsentering 3rd grade

Webelos/AOLentering 4th or 5th grade

The Cub Scout Resident Camp will run Thursday – Sunday, spanning 3 days total.

The Webelos/AOL Outback Adventure Camp will include an additional day and run Monday – Friday, spanning 4 days total.


Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are allowed to attend the Cub Scout Resident Camp sessions that are not specific to them, however here will not be a program dedicated specifically for them during these sessions. Webelos/AOL will be attached to one of the other patrols with either the Tigers, Wolves, or Bears.


According to the Guide to Safe Scouting, a Webelos can attend camp with two registered adult leaders, and without a parent as long there is an understanding between the parent and the leaders. Since the resident camp for Webelos/AOL Scouts runs for more than 72 hours, all adults that are attending will need to be registered. You can read more about this in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

For Cub Scout Resident Camp: Parts A & B

For Webelos/AOL Outback Adventure Camp: Parts A, B, and C.

The medical form (which includes Part C) is linked above.