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Recruitment helps us introduce new families and new Scouts to the grit-building fun programs that Scouting has to offer. This means that Scouting units of all programs need to be out in the community during their recruitment season to make connections with potential new members and bring them along in the adventures.

Remember that people don’t just join organizations: they join the people that are part of that group for multiple reasons. It is important to make sure that you put your best foot forward to show your neighborhood why they should join in your Scouting program.


Planning is vital for making sure that your recruitment event is a success. Here are some tips on what to consider when planning your event.

Plan Your Recruitment Event
Community events, back-to-school nights, and planned Scouting activities: these are great events to meet with families within your community that are not involved in the Scouting program. Getting into conversations with your local school district and local community event coordinators to get booth space and make your presence known.

Plan Your Calendar
Fun activities and adventures are what draw people to Scouting, but knowing when those events takes place is vital for all members. New families want to know what YOUR UNIT has planned for your annual program: whether it is regular group meetings, summer camp, or big field trips. A planned calendar is a great talking point as to why prospective families should choose your youth program against other options.

All Packs, Troops, Posts, and Crews should develop program plans, along with plans to fund these programs. Make sure that these programs are safe for all Scouts to be able to participate in during their Scouting experience. Refer to our Unit Program Planning resource page for more detailed guidance.


Gather Your Supplies
The Central Point Service Center has materials (including event-specific kits) available to help make your booth a point of interest at any recruitment event. These items are available for units to reserve ahead of time of their recruitment event. 

Update BE-A-Scout:
The online promotion and application system of the Boy Scouts of America. This is the place where parents can go online to look up your unit’s PIN and information and sign up online. Make sure that your PIN on BE-A-Scout is up-to-date with who new families can reach out to and where they can meet your unit during a unit meeting.


School Promotion
Open houses provide a great opportunity to promote your Scouting program.

Social Media Promotion
The majority of our neighbors learn about what is going on in our communities. Whether Facebook or Instagram, getting a public-facing social media account is a great place to showcase how your unit develops grit in youth.

Follow Up After Your Event
It is important that we don’t lose any families that fill out an interest form. Interest forms must be returned to the council office.

Council Printed Materials
The Crater Lake Council provides in-office printing services for units requesting recruitment materials. Fill out the recruitment materials request form and submit it to Heather Volkman at least two weeks before your event to get printed materials prepared for your unit’s recruitment event.  These materials must be requested at least two weeks in advance of a Unit’s recruitment event.

National Digital & Printable Materials
The Boy Scouts of America Brand Center is a resource that Scouting volunteers can use to promote Scouting. In order to download the materials, you need to set up an account. These materials are free to use to promote Scouting. These materials can be printed or shared digitally by units.  

Available In-House Materials from the Central Point Service Center