Crater Lake Council Special Events

Raising Funds while Having Fun!

Crater Lake Council’s annual fundraising events are an opportunity for local businesses to give back to their communities that we take pride in hosting each year.

All proceeds benefit the youth in Southern and Central Oregon and Northern California.

Your Sponsorship is More than Just Fun Out on the Course

Your contribution to Scouting will give us the ability to provide resources for programs, activities, volunteer support, and more to the youth and families that we serve. Scouting teaches youth to confront any challenge with whole hearts and clear minds—to live their lives without regret, never back down, and do their very best!

Discovery is at the heart of Scouting. Whether it’s a campout, derby car race, or hike on the trail, we believe every adventure helps us uncover a little more about ourselves. We build the foundations for humility and compassion—strengthening character through actions—to prepare youth for a lifetime of leadership.

Your support guarantees that we are able assist families with joining the Scouting program so that no child goes without the opportunity to get outdoors and learn life-changing skills.