Volunteer in Scouting!

Scouting is a youth-led, youth-run program, but the youth must be trained to be leaders.

Adult role models in Scouting provide an ideal learning experience for all youth. Every adult volunteer has something valuable to offer:

The advantages of Scouting are not limited to youth. Adults also develop leadership, outdoor, and physical skills while helping the Scouts. The Crater Lake Council supports these leaders and programs so that the Scouts involved have a fun and enriching experience. The more volunteers we get involved the more impact we can have.

How You Can Help!


Share your story of Scouting.  Answering these three questions and allowing us to share that with others will help us grow Scouting.

What is your favorite family memory of Scouting?  What did you learn in Scouting that did not learn anyplace else?  Why should families join Scouting?


Do you know of a community group that would work with Scouting to provide character education?  We can use your help connecting to those organizations.  You can let us know by emailing Scout Executive Jim Westfall at james.westfall@scouting.org


There are many ways that you can help Scouting in your area. Whether you are volunteering directly with Scouts or helping out behind the scenes, you can make an impact on the lives of Scouts by volunteering your time. We have volunteers that volunteer from a few hours a year to several hours a week.  If you are willing to give us some of your time, we will find a way to make it benefit the youth of our community.