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The Crater Lake Council Service and Activity Committee is a group of volunteers who endeavor to be a seamless conduit between Scouting Units and the greater community that makes up the regions that we serve. By providing a consistent, year-round calendar of diverse service opportunities and meaningful activities, we are proud to be able to enrich the lives of our local Scouts, Scouters, families, and neighborhoods.

To this end, the Crater Lake Council Service and Activity Committee will work in conjunction with partner committees in the Crater Lake Council Program Cabinet, with service-oriented organizations and local Scouting Volunteers. This way, we can provide Scouts and their communities with a wide array of noteworthy service opportunities and a year-round calendar of fun that is balanced for all Scouting programs.

We welcome the opportunity to build connections with the community through meaningful activities. Community organizations and Scout leaders are invited to submit and activity proposal to this committee to conduct activities in the Council, or to represent the Scouting program within local neighborhoods. Additional tabs to the left lead to information about current Council and Community activities to help you as you plan to adjust your unit calendars.

Procedures and Guidelines for Council Activities

All activities and events that involve Scouting are Council events, and need to be coordinated through and approved by the appropriate Council Committee. Events will be based in geographical areas of the council, but open for all registered youth and Scouters to attend within program-specific guidelines.

All activities and events where multiple units are participating hosted by the Crater Lake Council will go through Short Term NCAP Certification.  This insures that events are both safe, well planned, and FUN.    

The Crater Lake Council welcomes the opportunity to participate in community events with other organizations, and to support local volunteers in providing those events in their local area. The responsibility of the Council Service and Activities COmmittee is to facilitate these events by making sure that Council guidelines and policies are available and understood by our Scouting leaders as well as community members during events. The committee(s) is also responsible to plan and lead council-wide activities such as Scouting for Food, and will have oversight of Council Jamboree Contingents and all Order of the Arrow events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the Activity Proposal Form and the Crater Lake Council Event Planning Guide.
  2. Check the Council Events Calendar for conflicts, and then complete the form and submit it by email to the Service and Activities Chair at least a year before the proposed activity date. Completed forms must include the name of the event lead/coordinator and a budget.
  3. Activity Proposal Forms are reviewed monthly by the Council Program Cabinet. Approval will be sent to the event lead/chairperson. Do not proceed with planning or execution of the event until the approval is received.
  4. All event registrations will be handled through the Crater Lake Council online registration system, 24/7 Scouting (also known as “Black Pug”). The approved Activity Proposal will be used to set up the online registration. All fees will be collected at time of registration.
  5. Participate in the Council Service and Activities Committee meetings and provide planning dates. Communicate regularly with your Staff Advisor.
  6. Once the activity has occurred, complete a brief Activity After Action Report with final expenses to the Service and Activities Chairperson no later than 30 days following the event.

Generally, the earlier you start the better.

Council activities often have a planning phase of more than a year, and to assure that the activity is scheduled at a time that doesn’t conflict with already established events in the calendar. This also helps us be able to ensure that the activity is properly staffed and that any planning that involves promoting the activity, planning a budget, or securing permits is set in place well in advance. Some activities require less time or fewer planning steps. We recommend that most activities allow at least a year lead time, especially new events, or events like NOAC or National Jamboree.

If your proposed activity has been held in prior years, you should review the most recent budget and attendance figures to help get you started.

Please know: event proposal forms received less than 6 months before an event date may not be approved. Council approval is required for all events offering program using the name, trademarks, copyrights, or trade dress of the BSA, including the Crater Lake Council name.

The best place to start is setting a date that allows you to time to complete the entire event process. You’ll need sufficient time to develop the broad-based support that the activity will require to be successful and to allow enough time for units to incorporate the activity into their annual calendars.

Beyond setting a date, you should consider how many people will ne needed to staff the activity properly, and what kinds of skills and experience will be needed. If an event is poorly staffed, it will have a lower likelihood of succeeding.

Consider the costs of the activity and how it will be funded. The Crater Lake Council expects all activities to be financially self-sustaining. In order patches, ribbons, and other supplies, check with the Scout Shop for a quote. Their prices are competitive, quality is superb, and the product is garuanteed.

Remember: our goal is to provide program pieces and activities that enrich both our Scouts and our communities, and bring Scouting closer to others.

The Crater Lake Council can help with planning by connecting you with Scouters who are experienced to help you have everything that you need for planning a successful event or activity. In many cases, we can provide information from recent activities or events that may include project plans, budgets, evaluations, flyers, or other promotional materials, details about supplies needed, and sometimes inventory that can be used for the activity or event. We also have volunteers who can provide the technical expertise with specialized activities like shooting sports, as well as the National Camp Accreditation Standards.