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Summer Camp Questions such as: Jody Stonebrook
          What sessions at summer camp have space?  
          How to place a new summer camp reservation
          how to adjust existing summer camp reservations
          Summer camp fee questions
          Questions / concerns regarding existing camp reservations
Weekend Campsite Questions such as:                                                                               Jody Stonebrook
          how to make a reservation to use a campsite
        Guest group rental of a camp property
Online Reservation Questions such as: Jody Stonebrook
          Updating an existing reservation
          Refund request from an online reservation
          Questions about events listed on the Event Registration Page
Property Rental Questions such as: Jody Stonebrook
          How to Rent a Council property
          What facilities are available?
          What camp is right for my group / activity?
          What does it cost to rent a property?
Training Questions such as: Jody Stonebrook
 / online training questions
          Personal Training record questions
Membership Registration Questions such as: Jody Stonebrook
          Boy's Life Magazine subscription questions
          Adult registration questions
          Merit Badge Counselor registration Questions
Advancement Processing and Eagle Application Questions Jody Stonebrook