Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Wood Badge in May!

Wood Badge is a national leadership course for all Scout Leaders that have completed Basic Training for their registered position. This course is being presented by Oregon Trail Council and Crater Lake Council. The curriculum mirrors what National Youth Leadership Training is for youth in Scouts BSA.

Wood Badge is a 5 day experiential training course that is presented over two weekends. Having a program that does not include both of these courses is like a map without a compass, cake without frosting, or salt without pepper. Wood Badge is the pre-requisite course for The Philmont Leadership Challenge. Most people who take this course say it was a “life changing experience” and can’t wait to return as a staff member. 

In 2023, the Oregon Trail Council will be hosting their first session of Wood Badge training on May 5th to May 7th at Camp Baker. They are still determining the location of their second session of Wood Badge.

We do encourage our leaders to take the opportunity to to register online for the 2023 Wood Badge sessions being offered! Click the button to learn more about pricing, fees, and more with Oregon Trail Council’s registration.