Internet Rechartering is Now Open.

Internet Rechartering is now open at Login | Internet Advancement (   

  • This year there will be no recharter codes or packets. 
  • All Key-3 Members, Charter Representative Delegates, and Key-3 Delegates will be able to log in using their usernames and passwords at to complete the recharter.  
  • Click Here for information on how to assign delegates 

Important Links to help you with recharter 

The entire process can be completed electronically. 

  • If you complete the charter – including missing paperwork online, sign online, and pay online – you will not need to turn a physical copy in. A charter will not be considered submitted unless signed and paid for. 
  • Electronic Payment. Units will be able to pay online with a unit check for a $1 service charge or via credit card for a 3% processing fee. 
  • Electronic Signatures Charter Reps will be able to sign online. The Unit Key-3 or Unit Key-3. Delegates will be able to sign for the Charter Rep if needed. 
  • Charters completed by December 1st will receive a 2022 CampershipTo qualify, a charter must be submitted by December 1st, signed online, paid online, and all missing youth protections and applications completed online. The Campership is 50% of one youth fee which is $105 for a Pack and $197 for a Troop. The Campership will be credited to the Unit’s camp registration at Camp McLoughlin. 


Use of online applications. 

The new recharter system will take advantage of the online application system to submit any missing paperwork. has videos and guidebooks on how to use online applications. 

  • Click Here for information on how to approve applications. 
  • Adult applications are approved by the Charter Rep or the Charter Rep Delegate. 
  • Youth applications are approved by a Key-3 Member, Key-3 Delegate, or Charter Rep Delegate. 
  • Click Here for information on how to transfer a member using   my.scouting. 
  • Transfers need to be done outside of the rechartering system. 
  • Transfers need to originate from the unit they are transferring from. 
  • Transfers can be made by unit Key-3 Member or by the parent or volunteer themselves. 

Registration fee effective January 1st, 2022. 

  • Starting on January 1st, 2022, the Crater Lake Council will implement a new registration fee. 
  • A breakdown of this new fee can be found here:
  • Any new member registering online in October, November and December  are charged fees for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022. 


Missing Youth Protection Training  

  • If you have adults missing Youth Protection Training, you should have them complete this at  If they have completed the training and it is not syncing with the recharter portal, most likely their member ID they completed the training under is not the same as their member ID they are registered with.  The member can add their registration ID to their my.scouting profile. 
  • Click here for instructions on how to update your member ID number.  If they need additional help updating this, have them email  

Missing Disclosure Form (Criminal Background Check Form) 

  • If you have an adult missing the Disclosure (Criminal Background Check) Form, they will need to complete it and you will have to attach it as part of the recharter process. 

Need Help 

  • If you need technical assistance with my.scouting, access to, or the online recharter system, please contact Kerri Alonzo at 
  • Do not have enough youth or leaders?  Please communicate that to your District Commissioner so we can help you work through the plan to complete the recharter.