Reminder: Key-3 Leader Position-Specific Training Requirements

On February 15th, 2023, the Crater Lake Council Board voted to adopt a policy requiring ALL unit key-3 members to complete position-specific basic training for their role as a requirement to renew the unit’s annual recharter. This decision was made based on the recommendation of the Crater Lake Council Training team.

What volunteer roles required to complete position-specific training? Individuals registered in the following roles need to complete position-specific training:

  1. Charter Organization Representatives
  2. Pack Committee Chair
  3. Troop Committee Chair
  4. Cubmaster
  5. Scoutmaster

Where can I find the training material? The BSA Learn Center has online courses for Charter Organization Representatives, Pack Committee Chairs, Troop Committee Chairs, and Cubmasters. Volunteers registered in one of these roles can complete all necessary training online.

Scoutmasters also have an online course component to their Position Specific Basic Training and an in-person course called Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (also referred to as “IOLS”). Both need to be completed. The Crater Lake Council will offer several IOLS courses during the year – check out the council website for the next available course.

The BSA Learn Center can be accessed by logging into your My.Scouting account. Please review your training record on your My.Scouting account. If you think training courses are missing from your training record, or if you have other questions, please reach out to the Crater Lake Council Training Chair, Philip Bairrington, at