Snow Capades 2023: Be Prepared!

Welcome to Snow Capades 2023.

We have planned a fun day for you. Click here for the Rules for the Day. There are about 2 feet of Snow in camp, and we are excited to have fun in the snow.  Click here to learn more about staying warm and dry in the snow.

Parking will be in the Great Meadow Overflow Parking Lot on the North side of Hwy 140, one mile east of the West Side Road (the unplowed road into Camp McLoughlin). Our bus will transport your group from the parking lot to the camp road. Please do not attempt to park your car or offload your Scouts at the West Side Road for safety reasons.  The West Side Road is for unloading the buses only.

Please arrive early as it can take up to 30 minutes to catch your bus ride and 15 minutes to walk to camp.  Don’t forget your Snow Park Permit, which can be purchased at the Central Point Service Center. Our day starts at 9:15 AM in the Parade Grounds and ends at 3:30 PM. Buses Run from 8:00-10:00 AM and 2:00-4:30 PM. You might want to bring small sleds to haul your gear or tired little ones on. The sleds can be left in the Parade Ground at your Pack sign while you are at lunch. Please DO NOT try to use your sleds on our runs, as they are designed for saucers only.

Registration is in the Dining Hall.  Please designate one adult to register your group when you arrive. Additional maps and schedules will be available in the Dining Hall.  Scout patches and Pack Streamers are to be picked up at Registration. A saucer run will open from 8:15 – 9:00 AM to entertain Scouts until the Opening Ceremony. Your extra gear can be stored on a tarp (brought by you) anywhere around camp that does not interfere with the program areas.

Caribou Corner – The Caribou Corner is located in the Administration Building. Free hot chocolate will be available all day for all Snow Capades participants. Mercy Flights Explorer Post will be preparing coffee drinks for adults. They will be accepting donations. The official Snow Capades Jester Hat will be on sale for $10.00.

The Opening Ceremony will be on the Parade Grounds at 9:15 AM. Please gather at the sign with your Cub Scout Pack on it. Please gather in the Parade Grounds for lunch also. Remember to have your lunch Yell ready ahead of time, as we dismiss for lunch based on the enthusiasm of your Scouts.

Please Bring Your Own Water Bottles. Encourage your Scouts to drink water during the day. Scouts with headaches at the end of the day are dehydrated from lack of water. We provide Drink Dispensers to fill your bottles at several locations around camp. 


If anyone in your group has special dietary needs, we ask that they please bring their lunch with them. 

Warm & Dry – Please encourage everyone to wear waterproof outerwear. Avoid wearing cotton. Cotton gets wet, and then Scouts get cold. We do not experience really cold temperatures. Staying dry is much more of an issue than staying warm. Coats that have been laundered are no longer waterproof. All items should be sprayed with a waterproofing product. Please check your Scouts for proper snow gear before you come to Snow Capades. In an emergency, Mercy Flights Explorer Post will have some clothing to loan out if your Scouts get wet. Click here for more information on staying warm and dry.

Walkie-Talkies help communicate between leaders.  The Snow Capades staff uses channel 4, so please choose a different channel for your group.  We are looking forward to sharing a great day with you.


In Scouting, 

Sharon Watson

Snow Capades Program Director

541-660-0912 (Cell)