The Nitty Gritty Blog – Family FOS & Unit Fair Share

To date, the Crater Lake Council has raised $27,432 of the $60,000 goal for the Family FOS campaign.

Thank you to the following units for reaching their unit’s fair share goal.

Pack 3050

Pack 3062

Pack 7027

Pack 7058

Pack 7090

Troop 0017

Troop 0022

Troop 1008

Troop 8148

Troop 9027

Troop 9058

Because of their hard work in hosting a unit FOS campaign and meeting their fair share goal, they have been granted free advancement badges through June 2024.

What is the Unit Fair Share? Unit Fair Share is the amount of support the Crater Lake Council needs from each unit to provide essential resources to the unit. Popcorn Sales, Camp Attendance, and Friends of Scouting Contributions comprise the Unit’s Fair Share. 

More information on Unit Fair Shares

Your unit can still work towards its unit fair share goal. Please contact Jim Westfall at to support this important effort.