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Latest COVID-19 Updates

We are dedicated to keeping our Unit Leaders and Scouting families updated with the latest information regarding Scouting safely during the pandemic.

What is Scouting?

Scouting is the youth program designed to bring in everyone from the family to the great outdoors, learn new skills, and develop character. For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America has instilled in children and their families a sense of accomplishment and pride, teaching them how to become future leaders of their communities.

Explore Your World!

Scouts in the Crater Lake Council get to experience what it’s like outside of their homes and schools, making the outdoors their other classroom. From basic first-aid to wilderness survival, young men and women learn the skills to thrive and care for their environment.

Explore With Friends!

In Scouting, children are able to go on adventures with friends and even meet more along the way! This is where they can develop interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as lifelong memories, that they will carry with them through the rest of their lives.

Explore Your Community!

While various activities and youth groups teach basic skills and promote teamwork, Scouting goes beyond that and encourages youth to achieve a deeper appreciation for service to others in their community.

What's New in the Crater Lake Council?

Don't Miss Out on Your Chance to Attend the National Jamboree!

Deadlines are coming up soon to join in on this flagship celebration! This one of a kind event is scheduled for July 2023, and gives Scouts an experience like no other. What’s a Jamboree? It’s not camp. National Jamboree is 360-degrees of fun, friends and fellowship with hands-on adventure that takes you places you never thought you’d go and challenge you to try things you never thought you could.

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Now Hiring: Youth Program Facilitator

Youth Program Facilitator Part Time Position (no more than 30 hours a week) Hourly pay: $20-$25 an hour, depending on experience. Travel will be reimbursed at the government-allowed rate. We’re

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Get Ready for 2022 Popcorn Sales!

https://www.craterlakecouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/39/2022/02/Fund-Your-Fun-With-Popcorn.mp4 We’re kicking the year off for popcorn sales with fun and excitement! Check out these important dates and the breakdown of this year’s unit commission structure. If you’re new

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Update on California Law AB 506

Dear all registered Scouting volunteers in California: As announced earlier, California Law AB 506 (“AB 506) is taking effect on January 1, 2022 and will support our mission to protect the youth in

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Internet Rechartering is Now Open.

Internet Rechartering is now open at Login | Internet Advancement (scouting.org)    This year there will be no recharter codes or packets.  All Key-3 Members, Charter Representative Delegates, and Key-3 Delegates will be able to log in using their my.scouting.org usernames and passwords at advancements.scouting.org to complete the recharter.   Click Here for information on how

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