Get Ready for 2022 Popcorn Sales!

We’re kicking the year off for popcorn sales with fun and excitement! Check out these important dates and the breakdown of this year’s unit commission structure. If you’re new to the popcorn scene or need a refresher on how to make your Unit’s popcorn adventures successful, head over to our Popcorn Resources!

All units selling popcorn start with 30% commission from retail price, with a potential of 34%. Units registered by July 1st – receive an additional 1%  Units selling an average of $500/registered Scout* – *number of registered Scouts as of July 1, 2021 (if you’ve added Scouts, your number will go down)

Our Annual Popcorn Raffles Are Back!

We will be conducting three (3) drawings for the following periods for Online Direct Sales. The winners will win a paid-for campership to attend our Resident Summer Camp at Camp McLoughlin in 2023!

Online Direct Sales must take place during the following periods to be eligible:

March 1st – June 30th. Drawing will be held July 8th.

July 1st – September 10th. Drawing will be held September 16th.

September 11th – November 30th. Drawing will be held on December 2nd.


We’ve got other ways to enter the raffle outlined below!

  • Every Scout who sells popcorn will receive an Amazon gift card starting with 500 points (1 point per cash sale, 1.5 points per online direct sale or credit/debit card sale).
  • Every Scout who sells popcorn will also receive a Council Popcorn Patch.
  • For Online Direct Sales between March 1st and November 30th, each selling Scout will be entered into a drawing for Camp McLoughlin Summer Camp 2023.
  • For every $500 a Scout sells , they will be entered into a drawing on December 2nd for Camp Mcloughlin Summer Camp 2023 (Cub Scouts includes 1 parent).
  • For every $1000 a Scout sells, they will be entered into a drawing on December 2nd for one of 3 prizes: Nintendo Switch & 2 games, 3-D Printer, or Marble Run.