The Nitty Gritty Blog – 2023 Popcorn Sale

For Council Leadership, Commissioners, Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Committee Chairs, and Charter Reps.

This is the first of a series of communications meant to help you develop grit in your Scouting unit.

Setting the Bar: Congrats to the following Units for having our top popcorn sales per Scout in 2022.

Troop 9027

Troop 9058

Troop 8148

Pack 7090

Pack 7027

It’s Time to Sign Up for the 2023 Popcorn Season.

Units can qualify for up to 35% commission to support your program.

On June 7th, 2023 we will have a Unit Popcorn Success Webinar through Zoom. We will cover recruiting a popcorn kernel, planning a budget, motivating your parents, and other resources to make your unit sales successful.

Our Popcorn Resources page has the help you need to plan your sales.