Looks like footprints! This must be a Sasquatch clue!

Sasquatch is roaming around in search of popcorn!

This year for some pop-tastic fun, we’re tasking our popcorn-selling units to participate in a fun search for Sasquatch! Each week we will be finding clues and checking off missions until we find him!

You mean you didn’t hear about our popcorn-loving friend the Sasquatch? Find out more here!

Rules of the Hunt:

 Each week a clue will be posted to the Crater Lake Council website and Facebook Page.

  1. Write your answer using the worksheet and submit it via email (photo is ok) to
    kdebroux@scouting.org by Nov. 3rd at 5:00 P.M.
  2. Each unit must complete a Sasquatch Squad Mission and post to their unit Facebook page that they have completed the mission.

A drawing for prizes will be held for each district. If you complete the mission for the week and send proof to the email address or to Facebook, you will receive clues to the tie breaker question.

Clue #1:

Sasquatch loves to roam where the air is cool and breezy. In this area of the council, he is small among the giants.  He loves to stand where Presidents of Past, Present, and Future once stood together in one moment in time.

Mission #1:

Create their Trail’s End webpage and send it out to 5 friends or family members (with your parent’s help, of course!).

Clue #2:

When Sasquatch gets scared he likes to run and hide. His favorite spots are cool dark places, but the great cats give him scared faces. So into the hills and under the ground he goes, where would he go to hide from all those scary places?

Mission #2:

Create a catchy popcorn sales pitch!

Clue #3:

Sasquatch is not a fan of this area. It can get all twisty-turvey. However, when he wants to relax and shower, he goes to the falls with the various new berries.

Mission #3:

Spend 2 hours at a storefront sale or going through their neighborhood with wagon sales

Clue #4:

Sasquatch is a mighty thieve. A mighty pirate be he. When he’s a plunderin’ for tourists bounty, he sails on his ship, that is as mysterious as he.

Mission #4:

Share your Trails End fundraising webpage on social media (with your parent’s help)!

Clue #5:

Sasquatch likes to relax at his favorite place. A lake in the woods where few come to rest. However, every summer he is forced to vacate for Cub Scouts tend to populate.

Mission #5:

Do more wagon sales with neighbors who weren’t home when you went previously.

Clue #6:

Sasquatch roams the Oregon Cascades, hairy and with big feet. Being seen only in glimpses or with footprints in the ground. Visitors come from far and wide, searching to find his respite, it’s the deepest lake in the USA where Sasquatch can be found.

Mission #6:

Create Cub Scout door hangers (www.craterlakecouncil.org/popcorn) and hang on doors where people didn’t answer while going through your neighborhood with wagon sales.

Remember, you can always check out our Popcorn Resources page for assistance, or to brush up on your popcorn selling knowledge!