Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) Training

Who should take this training?

Any Cub Scout adult leader or parent who will go on Cub Scout Den or Pack outdoor events, including pack camping overnighters and Webelos Den overnight camping

Why should I take this training?

Many Cub Scouts want to do stuff outdoors, including camping. It’s probably why they joined in the first place! In order for your den or your entire Cub Scout Pack to have an outdoor activity or go camping, you must have someone complete the Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, also known as “BALOO”, training course.

BALOO Training is made up of two parts: an online course available on, and an in-person, hands-on course. You must complete both parts to qualify as a trained outdoor Cub Scout leader. The hands-on course involves camping overnight (after all, that’s what the course is about – camping). You’re going to learn a lot, from cooking to first aid to campfires to hiking to aquatics and much, much more.

When is this training available?

You can complete the online part of the training anytime through the Training section of The in-person, hands-on outdoor part of the training is generally offered in the fall and spring in different areas of our council (the “council” is made up of all 9 counties we serve in Oregon and California.  We schedule two to three trainings throught the year in different geographic locations

Where is this training offered?

Take the online part of the training by logging in to (if you’ve never visited this site before, you’ll need to click the “create account” button and then follow the instructions; have your BSA membership ID number handy).

The in-person, hands-on part will take place around the council.